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Top Rated
01. BMX Stunts - 10.00
02. Creepy Cave - 10.00
03. Air Hockey - 10.00
04. Matrix Bullet Time Fighting - 10.00
05. Super Bike - 10.00
06. 18 Wheeler - 10.00
07. Alien - 8.00
08. Defend Your Castle - 7.00
09. Miniture Golf - 7.00
10. Aim & Fire - 7.00
Most Popular
01. Matrix Bullet Time Fighting - 299106
02. BMX Stunts - 86569
03. Drag Racer v2 - 85612
04. Super Bike - 83714
05. Creepy Cave - 83487
06. Mah Jongg - 83368
07. Air Hockey - 82738
08. X-Raye - 82301
09. Pharoah's Tomb - 81959
10. Alien - 81726
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Welcome to Free Online Games - Myspace. Here you can find tons of great free online flash arcade games to play, all selected for their quality. Remember to check back often because we are always adding new games.


Recently Played Games
Shore Acres 2 Shore Acres 2
3.5 minutes ago
Walk about this odd looking island looking for weird occurances ...
18 Wheeler 18 Wheeler
26.4 minutes ago
Dress up your 18 Wheeler
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Latest Games
Real Unsolved  Mysteries Real Unsolved Mysteries

Come and visit us if you dare!
Ball Burster Ball Burster

Click your mouse to change the colour of your ball and touch bal...
Catch And Avoid Catch And Avoid

Catch and Avoid game. Catch bombs with the green mochi while avo...
Tetwalls Tetwalls

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW! * Unique Tetris Game With 8 Puzzl...
Action Games
Red Devil RPG2 Red Devil RPG2

Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and ba...
Adventures of a Cow Adventures of a Cow

Help rescue the cow's friend who is locked away in a cage.
Napoleon Toadamite Napoleon Toadamite

Mario and Toad study in a school, where Mario decides to contest...
Megaman Polarity Megaman Polarity

Change shield polarities to absorb enemy blasts, power up your m...
Worm Warrior Worm Warrior

Using a hammer, smash the worms going near your steak meat befor...
Safari Park Apeldoorn Safari Park Apeldoorn

Help the king of the jungle take a ride through his kingdom stan...
Puzzle Games
Bunch Bunch

Cool puzzle game, very addictive!The basic idea of the game is t...
Rotamania Rotamania

Rotate the blocks and match up the sides of colors to remove the...
Robots Attack Robots Attack

Shoot down space robots with your laser weaponry, pick up power ...
Reaktor Reaktor

Rotate the platinum blocks and match up atleast three to destroy...
Cityscape Cityscape

Build your city residential, industrial, commercial, airports, a...
Halo Halo

Play capture the flag halo-style and demolish your enemy and bri...
Shooting Games
The Wing The Wing

Scrolling shoot 'em up where you have to protect the mother...
Crimson Viper Crimson Viper

Fly in your space fighter craft and shoot down the enemies befor...
Capture The Flag Capture The Flag

A...weird game. You don't even have to capture a flag. :/
Bush Shootout Bush Shootout

Terrorists are invading the Whitehouse planning to kidnap Bush, ...
Evil Balloon Siege Evil Balloon Siege

Throw pins and pop those evil balloons invading your castle.
F16 Steel Fighter F16 Steel Fighter

A incredible 3D flying simulator in flash!
Sports Games
9 Ball Pool 9 Ball Pool

Play a classic game of 9 ball pool against an opponent or the co...
League Bowling League Bowling

Bowl a strike hit spare pins with the bowling ball go against co...
Mini Putt 3 Mini Putt 3

Power up your shot set the angle and putt the ball into the hole...
Jump The Gorge! Jump The Gorge!

Put enough juice in your jump so you successfully jump the gorge...
Adventure Golf Adventure Golf

Show off your golf skills on this 9 hole mini-golf course.
Field Goal Challenge Field Goal Challenge

Power up, aim and kick the rugby ball through the metal posts to...
Racing Games
Asteroids 2k3 Asteroids 2k3

New and improved asteroids game.
Chevy Racer Chevy Racer

Race around in a hot Chevy! Use 4 and 6 on the keypad to steer, ...
TGFG Racing TGFG Racing

Race around the track smashing into your opponents to knock them...
Bumper Cars Championship Bumper Cars Championship

Bumper Cars at their best. Drive into the other dodgems at full ...
Badger Race Badger Race

Just like betting the horses, only your jockey is riding a Badge...
Wheelers Wheelers

Race around this track on your motor bike. 2D game for the dedi...
Retro Games
Mini Cars Mini Cars

Race around the track in your beetle bug like car, take the turn...
Sobics School 2 Sobics School 2

Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an array in ...
BlackJack BlackJack

Play a game of casino blackjack double down split bet thousands ...
Roll On Roll On

A very good puzzle game. Can you land the ball on the spot?
Wordo Wordo

Select letters from the pile dropping down and make words before...
Blob Twist Blob Twist

Match the patterns.
Fighting Games
Tifosi Tifosi

Sports just isn't the same without the odd riot! In this ga...
A Hot Blood Boxing A Hot Blood Boxing

Box against the computer or bring in a friend as you battle it o...
Ad Tick Fighter Ad Tick Fighter

A strange game where you beat the heck out of some guy in this s...
Downing Street Fighter Downing Street Fighter

Take on other political party members as you battle to become th...
Whack Your Boss Whack Your Boss

Find the 7 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully f...
PC Breakdown PC Breakdown

Has your PC ever crashed just as you were about to save a crucia...
Other Games
Assault Part 3 Assault Part 3

Avoid the cameras and make your way through the enemy base.
Mad Cows Mad Cows

Stop the mad cows from taking over your farm.
Kentucky Space Battles Kentucky Space Battles

Fly your plane around bomb the beef factories and destroy their ...
Wink: The Game Wink: The Game

Sneak around and infiltrate the castle, use stealth to get by th...
City Jumper City Jumper

See how far you can jump! Great fun, very addictive game.
New Car Racer New Car Racer

Race around the track against your computer opponent but don...
Kids Games
18 Wheeler 18 Wheeler

Dress up your 18 Wheeler
Krazzy Car Krazzy Car

Dodge the obstructions, use your mouse
Bubbleshooter Bubbleshooter

Callans game Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the boa...
Mini Notros Mini Notros

This mini car has NITRO speed. Enjoy the country road and be a w...
Chomper Chomper

After years of being a vegetarian,today is Chompers first day ba...
Franky the fish Franky the fish

Franky The Fish 2 - Eat all the fish that are smaller than you. ...
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